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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  March 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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techie. those are the latest cutting edge phones. thank you so much. >> you bet. thank you for having me. >> plenty ahead. weather, traffic and all your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. welcome back to fox 5 morning news this monday morning, march 28th, 2011. taking a live look there. tony perkins, so good to sit next to you. >> it's been quite a long time. >> i think this is the first time we've anchored together. let's make the best of it. go team. i'm maureen umeh. >> you are full of pep this morning. >> i'm tony perkins in for steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> let's get a quick check of the weather. i tolder it wasn't going to
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last long. this is her first day and it is only 5:00 in the morning. we have a lot happening. it will be an active week. we have snow and rain flying into southwest virginia and into the carolinas. all of that pressing east and the good news is most of it -- the entire storm system will stay to our south but some of that cloud cover will sneak in her today. it won't be a perfectly sunny day. cool once again. most of the area below freezing. let's switch gears and look at the next map. 34 at reagan national. let's switch gears. there we go. 33 at dulles. lots of 20s on the map as well. bundle the kids up as they head out the door to school. these temperatures not where they should be. 47 the daytime high. partly sunny skies. another cool afternoon. there is the possibility of more wintry weather in our five-
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day forecast. i'll have that in a minute. >> thank you, tucker. >> i don't know the protocol. >> we have to get used to it. >> like learning a new dance. ments a tango. hopefully, there aren't a lot of people pang owing or tangling on the roads out there. julie wright is talking about all that with on-time traffic. that is what it is? >> yeah, it is. let me just tell you something. i've worked with these two for quite some time. the one to your right can't keep best and the one to the left can't dance. >> man! >> on the roads, lanes are open. no problems to reported southbound along 270. lanes are open out of hyattstown headed out towards the truck scales. we are looking good coming in off of i-70. if you are on 70 and you're connecting with 355, that too is an easy ride for you this morning headed southbound trying to make your way out towards urban a no problems reported on the live shot of 66 coming in from business 234
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headed east towards the virginia visitors center. easy commute headed inbound towards the beltway. no signs of any overnight construction on the beltway traveling between braddock road and your exits there in tyson's. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we start this hour with breaking news from prince george's county. police are investigating two deadly shootings. the most recent happening about 90 minutes ago at a shell gas station in capital heights. >> another in seat pleasant last night where a pizza differy man was shot and killed. common is on top of both stories. she joins us live from capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: it has been a very violent night in prince george's county. we are at central avenue and richie road where there was a report of a shooting overnight. this happened just about an hour and a half ago at this shell gas station here at the corner. you can see investigators are still out here at the scene. there is still crime tape up around here and police cars, numerous police cars, actually
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fewer than there were just a little while ago but we do understand police are telling us that they were called here for the report of a shooting. when they arrived, they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound and we understand from police that this man did die from his injuries. we have very little information right now about who this person was or what the circumstances were surrounding that. of course, they are still investigating right now. we actually came upon this shooting while we were on our way to another shooting that happened just two miles away from here. this is earlier. 8:30 last night this this other one occurred. it was a domino's delivery man that was shot and killed in the 6800 block of seat pleasant drive. police say they received a call from someone about a man lying on the ground. they found a man who and to be suffering from a gunshot wound. he also died on the way to the hospital. again, in that case, very similar circumstances. we don't have any more information about who that man
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was or what the circumstances were around that. but police have their hands very full right now investigating two deadly shootings here within past 12 hours here, less than 12 hours, here in prince george's county. we'll stay on top of it and bring you the latest. >> all right. thank you very much. let's get the latest now on the disaster in japan. officials at the damaged nuclear plant think radiation in seawater may be spreading a lot farther north than they first thought. they say highly radioactive iodine has been leaking from the crippled reactors at the planted and is fining its way into the ocean. managers are dealing with increases problems at the plant from not having a place to store the dangerous water to miscalculating radiation figures. and there are fears in california that a ship may have brought radiation to the west coast. it left the port of yokohama three days after the devastating quake and tsunami. it is now in oakland and many
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are wondering if it has radiation. the coast guard says ships that stay 50 miles away from the plant should be okay but ships coming from japan are being monitored. more fallout from the nuclear disaster in japan. airborne radioactive materials were first detect on the west coast. now, an even more dilute amount has been found in maryland. the state said it will pay special attention to food, water, milk and the air. maryland's secretary of health says the trace amounts were routinely picked up by air monitoring sensors. he adds it is not enough to pose a health risk. >> much, much less than an x- ray. in california, they reported the amount was less than 1/10 of what you would get flying from chicago to los angeles.
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when we found was much less than what they found. d.c. mayor vincent gray will give his first state of the district speech tonight. the mayor says he would like to get on with the business running the city. his administration has been dealing with lots of questions recently about its hiring practices. at 11:00 this morning, a city council committee will ask questions about nepotism, campaign promises and some executives making more money than the law allows. this comes at a time when mayor gray's approval rating is only at 30%. an update on the crisis in libya. president obama is do to make a major policy speech at 7:30 tonight on the situation in libya. the national address comes as nato has taken full command of the military mission to enforce the no-fly zone. coalition warplanes have again bombed the capital of libya. moammar ghadafi's forces are in full retreat in the east. we all know about amber
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alerts, silver alerts and even terror alerts. but what about a blue alert? >> what one maryland senator says the whole country should know when that happens. also the quiet of a sunday morning shattered when a bomb goes off as a man reaches for his newspaper. we are checking national head lines when we come back. as
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making headlines, maryland senator ben cardin wants a nationwide alert system for police who are hurt in the line of duty. senator cardin is announcing plans for his national blue alert initiative later today. a tragedy during a family out handgun? san diego. two men drowned when a sailboat with 10 family and friends on board capsized and sank. en tried to swim to shore but it was freezing cold and two did not make it. a man in northern california was seriously injured after his sunday morning newspaper exploded in his hands. authorities say a device was
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hidden in the paper in a neighborhood between san francisco and sacramento. they are not sure if the man was targeted or if the attack was random. he was airlifted to the hospital. he will survive. no other explosive devices were found. geraldine ferraro passed away over the weekend. she served three term as a congresswoman from new york city and captured the nation's attention when she was chosen by walter mondale to join his ticket in 1984. she was 75 years old. getting your hands on a new ipad 2 could cost you a lot more than you bargains for. it is being called the ipad black market. >> it is perfectly legal but there is something you may want to watch out for. that is coming up next.
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tucker? >> cold temperatures. we are in the 20s and 30s once again. you know who is in to have a look at your on-time traffic. julie wright will be right back. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain.
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love the music. virginia commonwealth is dancing ought way to the final four. the vcu rams toppled number one seed kansas 71-61 in the ncaa tournament. the last time an 11 seed made it all the way to the final four was back in 2006 when george mason made it. up next for the rams,ating seed butler and the other semifinal match-up, u. conn will face kentucky. >> brackets are mixed up this morning. on the women's side, the tournament run has come to and fond the georgetown hoyas. they fell to the u. conn huskies. this was the third meeting in
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the past 30 days. u. conn won the first two games by double digits but this time the hoyas nearly pulled the upset. >> did you see that game at all? >> i did not. >> it was good. those women can really hustle. >> the vcu game, they were raining three pointers on them nonstop. >> and now this next game should be a good game. >> who do you have in that game? >> i don't have anybody. >> i don't have anybody in that game. >> on friday morning, my son called in to mix 107.3. he picked butler. >> how old is he? >> he is seven. >> experts come in small packages. >> i'm telling you. >> you set yourself up for something. >> don't get started. while we had a dusting of snow, we did have some flakes flying even here in the city. it was nothing like what we had to the south down in georgia.
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hello, gurvir. a hailstorm destroyed a lot of windows. you can see that. she got that car pelted by over 40 large hail stones. piles of it still hadn't melted 24 hours later. there you go. things could always be worse. get something big thunderstorms down in georgia as we speak. a pretty good storm system really cranking just to our south and west. it will be an active week. we have an active jet stream pattern that will be bringing lots of storms to our south. for us, cold temperatures to start your morning. 32 at reagan national. look at all the cold air out there. baltimore, 30 degrees. gaithersburg, you are 28. hagerstown, 25. martinsburg, 29 degrees. culpeper, 28. it goes on and on. ocean city, 30 degrees this morning. when ocean city is 30 degrees, you know it is a cold start to your morning just a couple of clouds out there. we have more cloudiness off to
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the south and west. you will see more clouds today there. if it is possible down in richmond, there might be a few snowflakes today. i don't think we'll see anything like that around here. it will still be unseasonably cool with high temperatures only in the mid-40s. there is the thunderstorm activity right now into georgia. that will slip off the coast. then we'll watch another storm redevelop and slide right along the active jet stream and brung us a -- bring us a better chance of storminess on wednesday. on wednesday, parts of the area could see our next storm start as a period of snow before it all transitions over to rain during the day on wednesday. we are not done with winter yet. just a few clouds out there today. cold tonight. tomorrow looked like the best day of the week. if you want a day to get down to see the cherry blossoms, tomorrow i think is your best bet. temperatures in the throw mid- 50s tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. then things start to deteriorate tuesday night and wednesday and look at what
5:20 am
happens by early wednesday morning. we have some snow flying not too far off to the south and west. 47 your daytime high. partly sunny skies. cool this afternoon. winds will be light out of the north and west at five to 10. wednesday doesn't look great. wintry mix, rain. thursday and friday, not much better. 50degrees with more rain possible by friday. let's do some on-time traffic with julie wright on an early monday morning. >> i got excited when i heard the jacksons and dancing machine. that whole forecast, i was down in the dumps and than i heard that and i was like okay. >> that made your day, did it? >> it made my day. i was dancing, on beat, tucker, on beat. light traffic volume on 95 and 295 coming in out of laurel
5:21 am
southbound 270 is good to go. no trouble spots to report inbound new york avenue. if you are making the trip along northbound 395, headed up to go westbound edsall road, stalled truck there tying up the right side. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you, julie. the new ipad 2 went on sale this month in the united states but people in many other countries still can't get it. >> here at home, people line up for hours waiting for apple stores to open but, as fox's bret connelly explains, they don't necessarily want the ipad. >> reporter: two weeks into the sale of the ipad 2 and it is still a competition to buy the newest gadget, especially when you are competing against black market brokers. >> i know some people would got them early are were selling them through e-bay or sort of black markets or whatever and were getting -- paying for their ipad and then some. >> you are leaving out a lot of
5:22 am
consumers that really want the product and have a legitimate right to the product. >> reporter: apple stores are filled with these traders purchasing multiple ipads and supporting a black market that thrives in countries like russia and china where the electronic devices are hard to find. >> they were actualliest mating that 25 to 30% of all tablet sales are sold in the gray market. >> the shipments that apple is making are two to three weeks delayed. there is something that is going to dive in and make some sort of profit. >> reporter: black market dealers buy the ipads and resell them overseas for up to triple the prize. >> there is no recourse in the thing breaks. if it is defective, if it breaks down later on, you can't go back to apple or to the store so you are really stuck. >> if you want protection for
5:23 am
your new toy, you have to exercise some patience. >> i can wait the three weeks. i don't want to pay the black market price and i'm not going to stand in line for three hours. >> three weeks? >> i'm with that guy. just wait it out. snow and spring in washington, not usually two things that go together. >> but it made for a little rush at the sidal basin on sunday for folks looking to check out the snow on the cherry blossoms. we'll slain why the -- we'll explain why the snow was actually good for the d.c. actually good for the d.c. now ladies, don't get any ideas. [ male announcer ] perdue. the first chicken company to have usda process verified programs.
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the cherry blossom festival off to a chilly start this year. there was even a dusting of snow. >> what does this all mean in tisha thompson looks at how snow is both good and bad for this year's festival. >> reporter: cherry blossoms and snow are not typically two things you find together in washington, d.c. but for the lucky few would got up early and caught that little dusting, it was a picture perfect day. so little snow fell, it was almost impossible to tell where the petals ended and the snow began. >> we got up at 6:00 to come down here. >> reporter: the snow was still falling when joanne arrived at the tidal basin. >> they are absolutely spectacular. i have anever seen them in the snow.
5:27 am
>> reporter: it was cold and people bundled up in scarves and hats. >> it is cold enough that when the wind came off the tidal basin, i wanted something warm. >> reporter: the brisk wind kept mean many people at home and forced nearly all the kites out of the sky after organizers postponed sunday's annual kite flying festival because of the weather. the national park serve i says the cold weather is actually great for the blossoms themself. >> think of when you go into a grocery store or go into i floral shop and you buy flowers of any kind, tulips, roses, they are in a refrigerated situation. not necessarily a freezer but a refrigerator to keep the flowers cold. that is kind of the same thing that is going on here. the snow is so light and so -- almost like a powdered sugar dusting almost, that it made it such a beautiful photography situation for shutter bugs but damage to the blossoms? none. >> reporter: only two things
5:28 am
can now hurt the bloc systems. temperatures that dip below 28 degrees. and high wind. >> the main enemy of the blossoms will be wind inform you get a big wind gust come along, that is when they'll blow down. >> reporter: the trees are expected to peak on wednesday or thursday of this week and that is how you will know that spring has truly arrived in washington. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> you didn't see a lot of kites there, because the annual kite festival was actually canceled because of the weather. we should learn today when it will be rescheduled. >> there is no snow on tap this morning but still, there is a lot of cold air out there. tucker is back with the forecast next. also just ahead, our top story this morning. a deadly shooting ate maryland gas station we'll have detail in just a moment. nc
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nothing falling from the skies this morning. there is a nice shot of the u.s. capitol building well lit on a cold morning across the area. it is monday, march 28th, 2011 and good morning. >> good morning to you all. tucker. >> yes. >> i said it wasn't as bad as i thought it who be this morning. i thought it who be chillier. but i didn't have to stand out in it in a long time. >> nice when the chauffeured limousine picks you up. >> who told you? >> for the rest of the us, it
5:32 am
is mighty cold. >> see. i'm going to have so much fun this week. >> temperatures in the 20s and 30s. and for those of you taking the bus to work or school, it will be very cold. check out the sunrise right at 7:00 a.m. so there you go. let's take a look at these current temperatures. here in the city at reagan national, 32 degrees. most of the area, upper 20s and low 30s. wind are not to bad out of the north. we should be dry with partly sunny conditions as we have a storm passing to the south. these temperatures not where they should be. we'll be in the mid- to upper 40s. cool afternoon, 47 degrees. tomorrow looks bright and sunny. >> milder too, right? >> and miler. then downhill from there. we'll have detail s on the forecast in just a minute.
5:33 am
>> we had some problems earlier. we showed you the camera along 395 at edsall road. that is where we had the stalled truck that was partially blocking the ramp. our lanes are cleared if you are headed in towards the 14th street bridge. easy commute so far around the capital beltway. no problems reported working your way past university boulevard. easy ride on 295 coming in out of laurel. route 50 incident-free through annapolis and bowie headed towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. more now on the breaking news. fox 5 was first to bring you this this morning. a man gunned down at a gas station in prince george's county. this happened about two hours ago at central avenue and richie road. sarah simmons is live on the scene in capital heights with the details. >> reporter: police are still out here investigating this morning. again, this happened at about 3:20 this morning. police got a call here to the shell gas station at richie road and central avenue of a man that was shot.
5:34 am
when they arrived, they say they did find a man who was suffering from an apparent gunshot wiewntd -- wound but he has since died from his injuries. they are trying to figure out who this person was. they have not identified a victim here and they are still in the process of trying to found a suspect right now. we are still trying to figure out what the circumstance were surrounding this. police are telling us that there were several cars to 911 from this location, that there were several people who were here at the time of the shooting so they have many witnesses that they have since taken down to police headquarters that they are interviewing right now to try to figure out and piece together exactly what happened. at this point, they are still not telling us whether we're looking at multiple shots that were fired. we just know that at this point, there was one victim here that was suffering from an apparent gunshot wound, did die from his injuries. they are still in the process of trying to piece this together. we will stay on top of it and
5:35 am
bring you the detail as we get them. that is late here in capital heights. back to you. >> thank you. investigators looking for the person who shot and killed a pizza delivery man. we are told the man ways domino's employee and died on the way to the hospital. turning now to the japan disaster, radiation and seawater may be spreading farther north of the damaged nuclear plant than first thought. >> highly radioactive iodine is seeping from the complex. manager think it is making its way into the ocean. some of the radiation from japan has traveled through the air to the west coast of the u.s. and there are trace amounts in our region including maryland. roz plater has more. >> reporter: the fall outfrom the nuclear disafter ther in japan, airborne radioactive materials were first detected on the west coast. now, an even more dilute amount
5:36 am
appears to be moving cross- country. still, health officials here say no reason to panic. >> there is for reason for alarm. there is no public health concern. what has been reported are trace levels of radioactive material in the air around the country and we did detect very, very, very small levels in the air in maryland. >> reporter: he says those tracements were routinely picked up by the air monitoring sensors near two nuclear facilities in southern maryland and pennsylvania. but he says it was not enough to pose a health risk. >> much, much less than and x- ray. in california, a few days ago, they reported that the amount was less than 1/10 of what you would get from flying from chicago to los angeles. and what we found in maryland was a lot less than what they saw in california. >> reporter: maryland has only one of 10 labs in the country that can test the raid ytion in
5:37 am
food, milk and water. none of the samples tested positive. >> the message is that we are monitoring for anything that who be unexpected. so far, we have not seen anything unexpected. the levels we detected are extremely small and do not pose a risk. >> that was roz plater reporting n other news this morning, d.c. mayor vincent gray will give his first state of the district speech. the mayor says he would like on get on with the business of running the city. his administering has been feeling with lots of questions recently about its hiring practices. a city council meeting will ask questions about nepotism, campaign promises and even some executives making more money than the law allows. no word if mayor gray will address these issues or the issues plaguing his administration during the state of the district.
5:38 am
that speech is set for 6:45 tonight. developments today in libya as nato says it will take over the no-fly zone. we'll check in on syria section. a well-known urban radio and bet personality is gunned down. what police are saying about the killing of dj megatron. that is all ahead. fseyonn
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5:41 am
sit more protesters killed in syria over the weekend and now the country's president is about to make a big announcement. some young men armed with swords and hunting rifles roamed the streets and roughed up anybody they could find. syria has been rocked by more than a week of protests. police in new york city are investigating the murder of a popular tv and radio personality. dj megatron was gunned down early sunday morning not far from his home in staten island. he gained a national audience on bet but made his name as a dj at the city's number one fm radio station. police have no motivespects. scary moments for three young children in houston. police say their 17-year-old brother start the fighting with a woman then pulled that woman out of a pickup truck, jumped
5:42 am
in and sped off with the kids still inside. police chased him for 0 minutes. the driver hit some parked cars and crashed into a fence. an officer says he shot the cuss sus in the leg when he pulled something out of his pocket. the kids are okay. seven people are missing and seven others hurt in an explosion and fire at an apartment building in canada. witnesses in the southern ontario town say they heard a thunderous explosion and they felt the ground shake early yesterday morning right before the fire broke out. one firefighter was hurt and they are still looking for the cause of the blast. chances are student at one virginia college did not get much sleep last night. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, pandemonium on the campus of vcu. >> the rams are headed to the final four. vcu alum dave ross joins us next to gloat just a little bit. and tucker is here with weather and julie has traffic. stay with us. .
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5:45 am
good monday morning to you. looking off in the distance there. you can seat washington monument on a pretty still morning. a little chilly out there. tucker saying we might get a
5:46 am
little bit of warm-up and you actually added some snow or something or other in the forecast. i don't know but i want spring. >> effect wants spring at this point. >> this is getting a little old. >> what happened? >> we were 80 a couple of weeks ago. now, we can't see to get out of the 40s. once again, high temperatures will only be in the 40s today. we are in for a chilly week here. >> unfortunately but it gets better. >> we will get better. >> we'll go right to summer by middle of april. >> you're probably not kidding about that either. >> it will be a chilly week. our temperature for the next five to seven days, unfortunately, if you like spring weather, will trend below where they should be. we are cold as we have temperatures across the area that are unseasonable. 32 in the city at reagan national. 33 in quantico.
5:47 am
annapolis, we're a little warmer. 36degrees. look at the 20s. 27degrees in frederick. so you get the idea here, lots of 20s. bring along a jacket because, other than with some sunshine, our high temperatures will only be in the middle 40s. checking out the satellite- radar, there is a little bit of cloudiness. what we're watching is a developing storm system off to the south and west. i know it looks rather ominous. i know it likes it will get right into the washington area. the good news is most of this will slip off to the south and east. a little cloud cover will spill into the region. if you are going down to richmond to celebrate with dave ross, there might be a few flurries down there. for the rest of us, it might be a little cool out there. winds out of the north and west at five to 10. clear and cold tonight. 30 your overnight low with winds out of the north at five. you wanted to check out the
5:48 am
cherry blossoms? tomorrow is your best day. sunshine, 54 degrees. should feel pretty good tomorrow afternoon. we cloud up tuesday night, could have a wintry mix, aka, wintry mess changing to all rain on wednesday during the day, 40. on thursday and friday, highs around 40 with more rain possible for next weekend. let's do some on-time traffic with julie wright. >> all right. starting off in montgomery county up in olney. we have reports that georgia avenue is tied up in each direction between bleak field road and gold mine road. we have some wires down across the road there. germantown from father hurley boulevard headed past mva, no trouble spots reported headed for the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. driving on maryland's toll roads is about to get a little
5:49 am
more expensive. no laughing matter for you. they are about to go up again in 2014 and 2016. the maryland transportation authority is looking for ways to pay for maintenance on the roads. it is considering making more of the roads electronic. that would keep traffic moving and allow the state to raise the toll more often. metro, 35 years old today. the birthday isn't necessarily a happy one though considering all the problems metro is struggling with. more than ever, the board is dealing with crime prevention, security and budget problem not to mention some of the cars on metro's rails are as old as the system itself. the ntsb says those cars should be phased out as quickly as possible but metro says it can't do that until replacement cars come in in 2013. and in sports, con congratulations to the vcu rams, maureen. they are your alma mater, dave
5:50 am
ross. >> yes, somehow i graduated. >> it took seven or eight years. >> yeah. >> they beat one seat kansas. dave ross is here with us to talk about that. man, what excitement. i no you got to be thrilled. >> i was almost speechless watching the game. i couldn't believe what i was seeing. they won in dominating fashion. they are blowing teams out. that was the number one seeded kansas jayhawks that vcu took down yesterday inform they win two more games, i think it will be the greatest sporting achievement in the history of sports. the only thing that i can put up there against it would be the 1980 winter olympics when we had amateurs for the united states beat professional athletes for the soviet union, the then soviet union and win the gold medal. the reason why, when you have like pro teams, like super bowl
5:51 am
when the jets bet the colts. joe namath is in the hall of fame. that is an 11th seeded krista villareal virginia charleston wealth team that nobody -- 11th seeded virginia commonwealth team that had to play in just to get in it. george mason showed everybody the way in 2006. they set the groundwork. vcu is taking this to the next level f they beat butler and/or u. conn in kentucky, it will be the biggest sporting achievement ever. >> that is big. >> i hope people can -- it is unbelievable to think what they are trying to accomplish. >> you are not saying this just because you went to school there. >> sure, i am. >> if you don't believe me, listen to their head coach. >> once again, we felt like
5:52 am
nobody really thought we could win going into the game but these guys believed we could win. they knew we could win. and we talked before the game about how nobody else really matters. >> we didn't give up the lead and made some huge plays down the stretch on both end of the floor and now we're going to the final four. >> i've been racking my brain, what would be a better story than this. to win seven games that people think you didn't belong in. >> now they have to face butler. >> there is no easy games in the ncaa tournament. there is not one out there. they still have work to do. but what they've done so far, i still can't even fathom. we have other brackets to get
5:53 am
to. in the southwest, which we call this, this was the coaching bracket, gare williams, the one seed, bye-bye. bruce boudreau moves on to the final four. in the northeast, the long surviving member of the washington redskins, chris cooley. he is agood one. and in southeast, there he is, the opener ted leonsis moves on to the final four p he will take on chris cooley. should be a battle there in the next round. it is pretty amazing. we'll break out the final brackets later on today. but you see the final four what we're down to. it is a pretty interesting dichotomy of d.c. sports. only one redskin, two caps if you count leonsis as the owner of the caps and wizards. >> i like the match-up. i do. >> you would think it is redskins would have more love, not so much. >> i get that. >> it has been a down decade. >> all right, dave. we'll see you later on. >> i'll try to be impartial.
5:54 am
>> try a little bit, please. >> hard to do. singer mariah carey celebrated a birthday yesterday and a wedding anniversary and nearly got quite the gift. up next, details of what set the singer tweeting.  blue diamond almonds!
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our facebook fan. day is ava soul. she has been watching the show
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since she was six years old. she is now 23. a journalism major. she says it is her life goal to be a part of the fox 5 news team one day and we wish her good luck. if you want to be tomorrow's fan. the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. there is no space between fox and the number 5 by the way. post a comment under ava's photo. she has that look on like i'm a supermodel. i got it going on. it would have been a double birthday present for mariah carey. >> the singer is due to give birth to twins in the next couple of weeks. she had some major contractions yesterday and had to be rushed to the hospital. sunday was her birthday and her wading anniversary. the contractions turned out tobacco false alarm. they later tweeted her twins are not quite ready to be delivered. >> i know how she feels. >> you're not having twins.
5:58 am
>> i really wanted twins but i'll take one. i'm just happy. >> straight ahead at 6:00. :00, all your top stories. fox 5 news will be right back.
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